Oral Health for Your Pet

The importance of oral health on our pets’ health is something that most of us did not appreciate in the past.  Oral health can have direct impact on our pet’s heart, kidneys, appetite, and even behavior.  Periodontal disease is common amongst our cats and dogs.  80% of dogs and 70% of cats have periodontal disease… Read more »

Tender Care Veterinary Center’s Toxicology Series: Xylitol–The Imposter Sugar

Sugar-free products are everywhere!  With so many people seeking sugar alternatives for their health, pharmacies and grocery stores are full of products that are sugar-free because they have substituted sugar with artificial sweeteners or the imposter sugar “Xylitol.”  This carbohydrate is derived most often from birch trees and is considered a “sugar alcohol” but is… Read more »


Written By Dr. Amy Clark I want to share a compassionate credible recommendation with you about Pet Nutrition. Our domestic dogs are not wolves, and should not be fed as such.  You do not have to respect the dog’s carnivorous nature when it comes to diet. That is a marketing myth. I can divide diet… Read more »