Nutrition Counseling/Supplements

Prescription diets

We offer veterinary recommended pet food, including prescription diets that are always available for your convenience. Premium diet recommendations can make a big difference in both healing and wellness. Knowledgeable diet choices will help promote better health over a lifetime.

Tender Care Veterinary Center is proud to partner will Hill’s Pet Nutrition to offer you convenient ordering options for your pet’s nutritional needs. 

Visit the Hill’s-to-Home website.  

Immune System Supplement

We believe in supporting our clients in providing their pets with natural and holistic nutritional supplements.  Our veterinarians highly recommend NuVet Plus to help strengthen the immune system, promote healthy skin and coat and provide free radical protection for dogs and cats of all ages.

Please visit the NuVet website at and use order code 24146 when ordering.

Joint Health Supplement

Our veterinarians recommend Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health Supplement to help protect cartilage in the joints throughout your pet’s body.  Dasuquin Advanced can be used as a preventative against arthritis and as a part of a treatment plan for pets that are experiencing joint pain.