24 Hour Emergency


Welcome to Tender Care Emergency Center

Tender Care Veterinary Center is open for walk-in emergencies 24 hours a day. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, we encourage you to call us prior to coming in so that we can prepare for your arrival. Our staff will provide your pet with state-of-the-art medical and surgical veterinary care, giving you the peace of mind to know your best friend is in good hands.

Common Emergency Signs & Symptoms:

  • Vomiting / Diarrhea / Anorexia
  • Bloated Abdomen
  • Pale Gums / Weakness
  • Toxin Ingestion
  • Lameness
  • Hit by Car / Trauma
  • Bite Wounds and Lacerations
  • Inability to Urinate
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Pain