Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant
Job Description

Reports To: 
Lead Certified Veterinary Technician
Associate Veterinarian
Office Manager
Practice Manager
Practice Owner

Job Summary:
Veterinary assistants provide an exceptional standard of care for all patients while being the Veterinarians’ and Veterinary technicians’ primary medical support. Veterinary assistants aid in achieving greater efficiency by relieving the doctor and technician of technical work and cleaning duties. They have a significant role in communicating with and educating clients about pet health and well-being.

High school diploma or equivalent
Completion of a Veterinary Assisting Certification preferred or 
Previous on the job training

Experience Requirement:
Previous experience in the veterinary field desired 

Personal Requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years old 
  • Genuinely enjoys and shows compassion when working with animals and able to deal with them when they are stressed, ill, or in pain
  • Can stay calm and efficient during a medical crisis 
  • Is well-spoken and approaches his/her job duties in a mature nature
  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Will not share or discuss personal information or personal financial information of self or others or center with coworkers, clients, or vendor reps as long as you are an employee at TCVC
  • Conduct oneself with respect, confidence, friendly, professional and positive attitude as well as maintain professional conversations ( no gossiping ), while working in the Center, with clients, vendor reps, doctors and staff members, even when stressed and/or focused on an individual task
  • Minimize personal phone calls, text messages, emails, etc to emergency only while “on the clock”, utilizing your time during breaks
  • Note: Breaks consist of 10 minutes in the am, 10 minutes in the pm, and 60 minutes for lunch M-F; must “clock out” for breaks
  • SMOKING AREA- designated behind crematorium
  • Dress code will be required clinic provided scrubs with embroidered name or name badge; opt for every other Friday (1st and 3rd of the month), dress down into scrubs of your choosing as long as they are fitted and clean.  

Physical Effort: 
Work requires lifting and carrying animals, can use aid ie gurney, stretcher (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting animals over 40lbs). Walks or stands for extended periods of time; frequently works in a bent position.

Working Conditions: 
May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces/urine. May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.

Appointments/Exam Rooms

  • Identifies when client is checked in by receptionist and alerts doctor or technician if necessary
  • Assist in exam room by getting patient onto table, temperature (NO owner restraint) 
  • May take pictures of patient for record
  • Assists technician with animal restraint in treatment 
  • Understands all vaccinations; core vs elective and vaccine protocol, thereby being able to explain well to clients their pets needs/requirement 
  • Keeps drawers/shelves organized and stocked with necessary supplies 
  • Basic client education– preventative care, how to administer medication, HW testing, FeLV-FIV testing, nutrition and dietary needs, parasite control, spay and neuter, dental prophy etc, and pertinent literature to pet’s problem
  • Routine nail trims, suture removals, vaccination, and weight checks
  • Prepares medication and create prescription labels for appointments based upon doctor orders and refill request 
  • Handles clients medical questions with confidence and always with confidence and direct to the doctor for answers 
  • Attempts to market the services of the Center as well as inform the client about any preventatives or procedures necessary to their pets health 
  • Assist client to vehicle when needed 
  • Keeps appointment flow running smoothly, ensures teamwork and considerate communication

Animal Care:

  • Maintains any patient treatment requested by doctor and accurately document all services in patient file on computer and whiteboard as treatments, anesthetic, dental or hospitalization records
  • Ensures O2 supply is adequate daily, inform Owner when low
  • Cleaning and ultrasonic sterilization of instruments per protocol, log
  • Preparing surgical packs, autoclave use and maintenance, log
  • Maintains Center and patient cleanliness and comfort. Cleans cages/kennels in timely manner as needed
  • Practices safe and effective restraint techniques
  • Handling- proper walking techniques:always use a loop leash and keep tight to avoid slippage over the head, walk 2 to 3x daily, be aware of problems such as back/hips, blindness/deaf, inability to urinate on concrete or length to hold bladder– walk authorized through back exit, in fenced area only 
  •  Maintains outside grounds free of garbage, feces daily
  • Post surgical cleanup and sterilization of surgical suite 
  • O2 cage operation and maintenance use with knowledge and confidence 
  • Maintains instruments, surgical and dental to include gowns, towels, glasses, etc
  • Performs treatments as requested by the doctor, monitor whiteboard
  • Knowledge in common diseases states and alerts doctor or technician when symptoms change or when concern arise in hospitalized or tech only patients
  • Can perform ER procedures such as control of bleeding, resuscitation with oxygen, opening airways and external cardiac massage


  • Monitoring lab supplies and requisitions as needed
  • Tracks “qualifying profiles” and ensures IDEXX SmartService Solutions (“SmartService”)  and IDEXX Vetlab station is on at all times; following standard weekly restart recommendations
  • Proficient in blood, fecal, skin scraping, hair pluck, ear, urine sample collection and techniques used for preparation of samples to be sent to reference lab or performed in-house
  • Operates, maintains and calibrates IDEXX Vetlab Station as recommended by the manufactures requirements, records in log


  • Knowledge, preparation, operation, cleanliness and maintenance of the DR radiology equipment to include personal protective equipment; logs shutdown weekly
  • Effectively positioned for and takes radiographs as requested by the doctor while using all personal protective equipment provided to include personal dosimeter badge
  • Animal restraint assistance as required
  • Prepare patient and equipment, maintenance and cleanliness for use of laser therapy as requested prepare patient and equipment, maintenance and cleanliness for use of ultrasound per doctor’s orders

Hospital Maintenance:

  • Understands to importance of a clean and orderly facility that smells good! Does not hesitate to clean or organize as part of a normal job duty
  • Maintains laundry and dishes
  • Cleanliness of exam, treatment, pharmacy, lab, surgery suite, radiology room, dental suite, kennel, isolation, restroom, breakroom, offices based on daily duties
  • Daily vacuuming and mopping of floors with provided equipment and supplies, empty all trash cans
  • Informs owner of any building issues or equipment in need of service 
  • Proper care and maintenance of all equipment and instruments
  • Maintains outside grounds free of garbage, feces daily


  • Calls prescription into outside pharmacy the same day as requested by the client or doctor
  • Prepares in house pharmacy refill requests for clients to pick up within 24 hours with prior doctor approval adhering to exam and blood work protocols  


  • Authorized personnel only 


  • Performs any other duties requested by the Owner, Doctor, or Practice Manager as needed for effective Center operations

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