Behavior Modification

What Does an Initial Behavior Consultation Look Like?

Our dedicated Animal Behavior Team can help you dive into the behavior problems that you are experiencing at home, body language that can indicate other associated problems, and the best treatment options for your situation.  Our team will work with you to set goals for the future and assist you with training, making changes to the pets environment, and working toward a happier and healthier relationship with your pet.  

What Are Behavior Modification Training Sessions?

A behavior modification training session uses positive reinforcement to achieve a repeat good behavior or desensitize a fearful response to a stimulus.  Each in hospital session will last 15-20 minutes; any time beyond that, your pet will lose focus and the training will be non-productive. The sessions can be scheduled as a regular appointment with one session or as a drop-off appointment with multiple sessions occurring throughout the day.  

Your Animal Behavior Team:

Dr. Jennifer Wade

Jillian Voyles, CVT